Divorce Guide

Our Philosophy


Every client’s definition of victory is different. From day one, we will work with you to identify your specific objectives within the unique context of your case and begin developing short-term and long-term strategies to accomplish your goals in Court. Every divorce proceeding will eventually come to an end, and there are only two possible paths to conclusion: (1) a negotiated settlement; or (2) a decision by the tribunal after trial. You should be preparing for and pursuing both at all times.

At their core, negotiations are about leverage. Humans tend to negotiate rationally. The appearance of an “irrational” divorce litigant is born of the failure to understand what makes him or her tick. It is not always about dollars and cents. Clients and opposing parties alike often place far greater value on the emotional, moral, and non-monetary issues. Know your adversary, and with that specific opponent in mind, your legal strategy should be designed to maximize leverage.

Litigation, however, requires a separate skill set. To succeed in litigation, an attorney must have a commanding knowledge of the law, including the State of New Jersey’s statutes, court rules, and case law. Even in the Family Part, which often places substantial justice over strict compliance with the law, substantive and procedural technicalities can and often do win cases. Moreover, the attorney you choose must develop an intimate knowledge of the facts of your case and possess the ability to weave those facts into a compelling and easily digestible narrative for the Court. When the Court believes it has identified the “right” outcome, it is more likely to find support for that outcome in the law. Therefore, in litigation, it is critical to persuade the Court that that your positions are right on the law AND right on the facts.


We fight for our clients. Where some might be inclined to give up on winnable issues to avoid confrontation, we relentlessly pursue the outcomes that serve our client’s best interests. When you retain the DeTommaso Law Group, you retain a team of highly-skilled and dedicated litigators to advocate on your behalf. There is no issue too big or too small. Whether its custody of your children, a just and equitable award of child support and alimony, ownership of specific marital property, protection from domestic violence, or defense against a frivolous restraining order, we can and will do everything in our power to accomplish your objectives in Court. You set the goals, and we design and implement an aggressive legal strategy to achieve them.

Our fighting spirit is the heart of the firm. Weakness is a losing strategy, and you should always endeavor to negotiate from a position of strength. Opposing counsel needs to be certain that if they refuse to resolve the matter on reasonable terms, the DeTommaso Law Group stands ready and willing to litigate your case at a contested trial, on appeal to the Appellate Division, and before the Supreme Court if necessary. We welcome you to contact the DeTommaso Law Group. CLICK HERE to schedule an initial consultation.