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Blogs from August, 2019


DeTommaso Law Group, LLC is excited to announce that Attorney John J. Hays, II is now officially a partner at our law firm! First joining our team in 2017, he has since proven himself an integral member of our DeTommaso Law Group, LLC. As a partner, he will be even closer to our operations and our clients, further improving the legal services we provide.

Once again, congratulations to you, Attorney Hays, for making partner!

More About Attorney John Hays, II

John completed his law degree at Boston University School of Law back in 2008. He was always interested in family law and matrimonial law, making that his primary area of focus out of law school. Throughout the summers of law school, he also took the opportunity to work at the Boston University Civil Litigation, giving him firsthand and early interactions with the professional legal world.

Today, he uses all he has learned throughout law school and beyond to be a trusted legal ally for our clients. Whether you need help regarding alimony, child custody, division of assets, or any other family law concern, you can count on Attorney and Partner John Hays, II of DeTommaso Law Group, LLC in Somerset County!

Give us a call at (908) 274-3028 for more information about our legal team and services.