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Blogs from August, 2021

boy with his head in his hands while his parents are fighting behind him

Getting a divorce can be quite a stressful experience. It’s often even more complicated for parents. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of divorce on children.

Emotional Impact

Many small children don’t truly understand divorce. Upon discovering their parents are no longer living together, kids can become a bit emotional. They may begin to feel unloved, which makes behavior problems more likely to occur. Teenagers are also prone to acting out. This is especially true during the early stages of a divorce. In many instances, he or she will blame one parent for the split. These feelings of resentment can last for quite a while.


It’s not uncommon for children to experience divorce-related stress. Parental separation often leaves them confused. Some families are also forced to make lifestyle changes after a divorce, which causes even more stress. Children could have to change schools or move to another neighborhood. It’s perfectly natural for these new surroundings to generate at least some anxiety.

Financial Hardship

For some families, financial hardship may follow a divorce. The household may not have as much extra money to spend. Children often must go without some material things, including new video games and certain toys.

Academic Problems

A divorce can make it more difficult for children to focus at school. They are too concerned about what’s going on at home. It’s only a matter of time before their grades start to drop.

How to Help Your Children Adjust to a Divorce

Although a divorce can pose some challenges, there are ways to help children to adjust. For starters, never make the mistake of putting your kids in the middle of things. Try to make their life as normal as possible.

Don’t allow any negative emotions to affect the way you treat your children. It’s important to co-parent peacefully. Avoid screaming and acting hostile towards your ex. The last thing you want is to create a toxic atmosphere for your family.

Be sure to monitor your children closely. Sudden changes in their behavior should raise a red flag. By addressing potential problems early, substance abuse and academic problems will be less likely to occur.

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