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How a Separation Agreement Might Affect Your Divorce

Legal separation agreements are contracts, and one of the benefits of separation agreements is that it satisfies divorce prerequisites. There are a lot of pros to having a separation agreement before you get a divorce.

Separation agreements touch on many of the same issues that arise during divorce proceedings. If you and your partner are moving forward with a divorce, your separation agreement can help expedite your divorce proceedings.

Healthy Divorce: Make the Divorce Process Painless

If you have a separation agreement on file, that can help your divorce process run quickly and smoothly. As stated, your separation agreement includes a lot of the details you need to agree upon when you get divorced (i.e., child support, child custody, division of property).

If you and your partner still agree on the details of your separation, you will be able to file for an uncontested divorce. Unlike contested divorces, uncontested divorces move rather quickly, which lessens the financial and emotional toll typically associated with divorces.

On the other hand, if one party wants some of the agreed-upon separation conditions modified, that can have the opposite effect. If you both cannot agree before filing for divorce, you will need to file contested.

However, during your separation or simply before you file contested, you and your partner can try to civilly work out the details of your divorce. Through mediation or conversations between the two of you, you both can proactively prepare for your divorce.

Get Help from a Divorce Lawyer

You shouldn’t walk through a divorce alone. You should have someone who has your best interest in mind standing with you. If you and/or your spouse are ready to move forward with a divorce, you should seek legal aid.

A reliable divorce attorney will know how to best advise you and will know what court documents to file. Divorce attorneys are your best resource when it comes to protecting what you care about as you navigate your divorce after separation.

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