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Blogs from September, 2021

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Deciding to welcome a new family member into your life is always exciting. However, many prospective adoptive parents underestimate just how legally complex the adoption process can be - and how many decisions they'll need to make during it.

Understanding the different types of adoption can help you make the best decisions moving forward with your case, enabling you to adopt someone who's the perfect fit for your family.

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Type #1: Domestic Foster Care Adoption

Domestic foster care adoption, one of the most popular types, involves adopting a child from a local foster home. To adopt from the foster system, adoptive parents work with state adoption and foster care professionals, undergoing various evaluations to ensure they're prepared to welcome a new family member into their life.

It's important for prospective adoptive parents to know that children housed in foster homes are often orphans or have experienced trauma or abuse at some point during their lives.

Type #2: Domestic Private Adoptions

Conversely, adoptive parents can also choose to work with a private adoption agency. While the adoption professionals the parents work with may be different, they must still pass various evaluations and go through the standard steps to legalize the adoption on paper.

Parents who want to adopt an infant may need to consider adopting through a private adoption agency instead of a foster home, since many children housed in foster homes are older. Domestic private adoption is usually more expensive than domestic foster adoption since state adoption professionals and state funding isn't involved in the process to any notable degree.

Type #3: International Adoption

Lastly, parents can choose to adopt from a different country altogether. However, parents should be aware that international adoptions can also have the most complications.

Parents may need to contend with cultural barriers when adopting a child from a different country. International adoptions are the most expensive, and some countries have different laws concerning who can adopt (for example, LGBTQ+ adoptive parents may not be able to adopt from certain countries).

However, for parents who wish to adopt a child from a different culture or welcome someone into their family from a different country, international adoption can be a great path towards achieving those goals.

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