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Blogs from April, 2022

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If you and your spouse are undergoing a divorce, you may come into conflict with your spouse over specific terms, such as child custody, child or spousal support, or the division of assets.

With a high asset divorce, the stakes are high, making it essential to promptly resolve conflict and make meaningful agreements that benefit both parties. Our Somerset County high-asset divorce attorneys at DeTommaso Law Group, LLC share how unresolved conflict can affect your high asset divorce.

Prolonging Your Divorce

Unresolvable conflict will ultimately prolong your divorce and cost you more time and money than originally expected. You may now need to meet with your attorney more often to discuss strategy or non-negotiables for your divorce. Potentially, you may need to shift to litigation or arbitration, which can extend the overall divorce time period as you wait and prepare for your hearing.

Complicating Major Decisions

Conflict in your divorce can cause major decision-making to hit a standstill as you seek to overcome this conflict. You may need to halt mediation efforts because you and your spouse are unable to communicate effectively or compromise, altering major decisions that you should make amicably.

With conflict between spouses typically putting a stop to agreement making and any mediation efforts that you may have attempted, you may need to attempt litigation or arbitration for final divorce agreements to be made. When litigation and arbitration are involved in the divorce process, you and your spouse lose flexability in agreement creation and may leave your divorce with solutions that may not be the best possible outcome for your family. As a result, you may not exit your marriage with the assets or support agreements you previously desired.

DeTommaso Law Group, LLC Divorce Attorneys

We understand that your divorce can be a high-stakes event, especially if you own high-value assets, such as businesses or multiple homes. When handling a high-conflict situation in your divorce, trust in your attorney to advocate for your best interests is key to obtaining positive outcomes and overcoming conflict.

Are you in a high-conflict divorce and concerned about obtaining the best possible outcome? Schedule a consultation with our team of aggressive divorce attorneys by calling (908) 274-3028 or contacting us online to learn more about how we can fight for your best interests.