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Domestic Violence in Divorce: the Shrien Dewani Trial as a Cautionary Tale

Shrien Dewani Trial

Shrien Dewani stands accused of arranging the murder of his wife, Anni Dewani, who died of a single bullet wound to the neck in the back of a hijacked taxi while the two were on honeymoon in South Africa. Anni’s family and friends have noted that Shrien seemed cold and controlling. Some report that Anni wanted a divorce, even prior to the honeymoon. The BBC writes that four South Africans have so far been convicted of being directly involved in Anni’s murder. All but one of them claim the murder was a “hit” commissioned and paid for by Shrien Dewani.

Without jumping to conclusions about whether Mr. Dewani is guilty of arranging his wife’s murder (there is at least some compelling evidence that he did not), we find the BBC’s recent article on the trial provides a good opportunity to address a common and serious issue in divorce proceedings: domestic violence.

Divorce can be exhausting and depressing. It can also be freeing and uplifting. It can even be funny at times. Nevertheless, in some relationships, the danger of physical injury or death is present for either the spouse or the children. Domestic abuse is a serious issue. It is too common and too infrequently discussed.

If you are trapped in an abusive relationship, please do not give up hope or buy into the narrative that you are worthless and deserve mistreatment.

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