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How to Pay for Divorce in New Jersey

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Do you feel trapped in a bad marriage? You may believe divorce is not an option because you can’t afford it. You might not be sure how the court will divide assets, and your spouse may have threatened to hire the best lawyer to make sure you end up with nothing if you leave them.

Currently, the main filing fee for a divorce complaint is $300. If you have children, you will need to pay additional fees for mandatory parenting classes. Generally, divorce will cost more if it is contested, due to the need for litigation. But you do not need to procure your own funds to pay for this procedure. You have the right to use your marital funds to hire the law firm you desire, no matter who earned the income.

In New Jersey, each spouse is entitled to use marital funds to hire the law firm that they believe will best represent them. In other words, your spouse cannot use all the money to hire the top law firm in the state while leaving you with nothing to pay for your legal representation.

If there is not enough cash flow to pay for divorce litigation, the court may even direct the couple to sell or mortgage their assets and property. There are also financing options available to those who require additional help to pay for adequate legal services. No matter your situation, you are not stuck—with the support of a qualified legal professional, you can advocate for your rights without compromising your future financial security.

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At DeTommaso Law Group, LLC, we can help ensure you have fair use of your marital assets to hire a team of experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers who are equipped to fight on your behalf. Our legal team can even help you file a motion requesting that your higher-income spouse pays some or all of your legal fees. With more than 125 years of combined experience, we offer comprehensive divorce services, strategic and aggressive litigation tactics, extensive knowledge and skills, and a determination to protect your best interests and future.

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