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In New Jersey, children are protected by both state and country laws under the guidelines of New Jersey's Child Support Program. These guidelines cover all the child's needs. This includes the amount of time he or she spends with each parent, the cost of health insurance, whether alimony is contributed, and any other relevant expenses.

How Child Support Is Calculated in New Jersey

Child support is financial contributions from one parent (the non-custodial parent) to the other parent (custodial-parent) to help raise the child. New Jersey's laws determine the amount of support a child deserves. However, the courts have the mandate to deviate from it whenever a good cause is presented. Typically, a formula is used to determine the amount that will be needed to raise the child, but several factors can impact the amount, including:

  • The amount of time one parent spends with the child

  • The parent's tax filing status

  • The total number of children taken care of

  • The cost of the child's health insurance

  • Any other relevant factors

In the case where the court decides to deviate from the guidelines, the judge must consider the following factors:

  • The chances and needs for the child higher education requirements

  • The duty and responsibility of every parent

  • The parent's historical earnings capacities, skills, education, and work experience

  • The child's primary and special needs

Get a Hand on Your New Jersey Child Support Case: Contact DeTommaso Law Group, LLC

We understand that raising a child can be difficult without the proper resources. However, your child has the right to receive support, and you have the right to request it. If you need help with your child support matter, consider seeking legal assistance from DeTommaso Law Group, LLC. Our family law attorneys in New Jersey are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and their loved ones.

If you have concerns about child support payments, don't hesitate to contact us at (908) 274-3028.

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