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Using Technology to Co-Parent

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What Are the Best Co-Parenting Apps in New Jersey?

Implementing practices that are in the best interests of your children is the most important thing you can do as a parent. Following a divorce or separation can sometimes prevent parents from doing this, though. With different parenting styles and past resentment from the relationship, co-parenting isn’t an easy task.

However, there are mobile apps that can help facilitate better co-parenting techniques. There are several options on the market that provide various features to help you and your children’s other parent handle the everyday challenges of sharing custody. Here are a few apps we recommend you check out.


AppClose has many of the same great features as other co-parenting apps but is free to use. Parents can message each other through the app, create different schedules for different children, request parenting time trade or drop off changes, track expenses, request reimbursements and share important information about your children like numbers to doctors or other emergency contacts.

One of the most notable features is the shared calendar. Parents can use it to schedule visitation and also include a description of how the schedule should be followed like where and when pickup will be. Additionally, there are templates to help parents with creating a visitation schedule.


One of the most popular apps, Our Family Wizard has a diverse set of features to help parents navigate sharing custody and visitation. Co-parents can message each other, share calendars, track expenses, communicate and send information about where to pick up or drop off their child in a central location.

Additionally, there is an add-on “tone-meter” feature. This will let parents know whether the tone of their message is appropriate to send to the other parent. The tone-meter is a great feature for parents who have a hard time keeping their cool while talking to their ex.

Our Family Wizard does cost $99.00 a year. This can be costly but the reviews suggest the price is worth it. However, there are some discounts for military members and qualified low-income parents.


Coparently provides a user-friendly interface that encourages parents to frequently use the service. Coparently provides a shared calendar, messenger capabilities to make communication more clear, and an expense tracker. Children can also be added to the account where they can communicate with each parent. This is great if children need to ask questions about scheduling requests or forgotten items at the other parent’s home.

Coparently costs $99 per year for each parent. Or, each parent can opt to spend $9.99 per month. There is a free 30-day trial though, which allows parents to test whether they really find it worthwhile to use. In addition to mobile use, it can be accessed through online web browsers so parents can stay up to date at any time.

Focus on Your Children’s Best Interests

Every single one of these options can be beneficial for families of divorce. The best one for your family will depend on you and your co-parent’s needs. These tools make it easier to manage custody schedules while keeping your relationship with your co-parent amicable.

The whole idea behind online co-parenting technology is to keep your children away from the difficult aspects of shared custody through easy-to-use methods. Adding one of these options to your parenting toolkit will make it easier to keep the focus on your children’s best interests.

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