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Blogs from June, 2021

One of the most common questions child support payors and recipients have is, "will my child support arrangement change if my co-parent or I lose our jobs?" Today, we're here to answer that question, as well as explore other reasons your child support arrangement may change.

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What Happens to Child Support If I Lose My Job?

As we've written about, Las Vegas courts use a formula to calculate the amount of child support a nonresidential parent owes based on a percentage of their monthly net income.

However, if you experience a "substantial" change in circumstances, you can file a child support modification case with the same court that issues your original child support order to adjust the amount of child support you owe.

Losing your job fulfills a requirement to be considered a "substantial change," so yes, if you lose your job you can potentially pay less child support until you obtain new employment.

How Does the Modification Process Work?

You will need to file a Motion to Modify Child Support with the court. You can sometimes do this online or alternatively through the courthouse at its physical location - check your courthouse self-help resources online or give the clerk's office a call to find the best way to file a Motion.

You'll want to work with a family lawyer to ensure all your paperwork is airtight. Once you have the required paperwork filled out, you can file the Motion with the court.

Finally, you'll need to notify your child's other parent (the support recipient) and attend a hearing at the courthouse. The court will listen to your case and can issue a decree modifying your child support if you meet the requirements to do so.

Alternatively, if your co-parent agrees that modifying the support arrangement is appropriate, you may be able to present the court with a modified support agreement, streamlining the process.

Our child support attorneys can help you modify your support order. To schedule a consultation with our team, contact us online or via phone at (908) 274-3028.