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Blogs from January, 2021

contemplating divorce

Marriages are complicated relationships. Even under the best of circumstances, spouses will eventually encounter difficulties that put stress on the marriage. When people get married, they are filled with optimism; they believe their relationship will go the distance. When a divorce becomes a reality, dreams and the best of intentions come crashing down.

If you have made the decision to file for divorce from your spouse but have concerns about the timing of doing so, the information provided below will hopefully provide you with some guidance.

Have You Done All You Can to Save the Marriage?

You should never make the decision to walk away until you have done all you possibly can do to save the marriage. This is particularly important if children are part of the picture. You owe it to the family to seek counseling or invest time talking to one another. Are compromises available? Is the source of the marital problems significant enough to warrant divorce? By the time you hire a family law attorney, you will have hopefully exhausted all options to fix the relationship.

How Will Your Children Be Impacted?

If you have kids, it's understandable that the divorce process is going to be even more complicated.

Here is a list of things you should consider about your children before moving forward with divorce:

  • Your children's awareness of marital issues
  • The impact divorce might have on each child
  • The likelihood you can resolve custody issues without intervention
  • How you intend to handle child support and alimony if necessary
  • How much longer you feel you and your spouse can coexist in the same household while working out details

The more of these and other issues you can resolve before filing for divorce will result in less stress for all family members.

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