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Marital separation is never an easy process and often brings a lot of emotions and bewilderment. However, sometimes divorce is the only way out when warring couples cannot agree on anything. When the dust settles after the divorce proceeding, it is not uncommon for life circumstances to change and require post-divorce modifications. Although divorce is final, events that may change one's situation, such as job loss, change of residence, or medical reasons, often arise.

1. Loss of a Job

When divorced parents lose a job, they may want to revisit their child support agreement since the court's initial ruling was based on the parent's income. A job loss may decrease the amount a parent can pay, which may necessitate a child support modification. Typically, a request for child support modification requires a demonstration of the impact of job loss on a parent's finances.

2. Change in Income

A modification may be necessary when there is a significant change in income. This may mean that the non-custodial parent has received a raise and can afford to pay more, or there has been a decrease in their earning ability. Either scenario requires a modification to the child or a spousal support order.

3. Medical Changes

Medical concerns can also warrant post-divorce modifications, particularly when a child's healthcare is affected. When a child gets sick and requires expensive medical care, changes to a child support order may become necessary. When the child support was initially determined, it was based on the parent's income and needs, and any significant changes in the child's health status may require an amendment to the order.

4. Custody Modifications

Changes in employment status or location can also necessitate custody modification. A job transfer, relocation, or a new employment opportunity in another state may require changing the child custody arrangement. If a parent needs to move to another state, they may have to secure the court's approval to modify the child custody order.

5. Change in Residence

Modifications may also be in order when parents or one parent move to a new location. A change of location could mean a change in the amount of time the non-custodial parent spends with the children. Parents may need to consider modifying child custody or support due to moving to enhance the present arrangement.

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