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Blogs from February, 2015


We deal with New Jersey divorce and family law issues day in and day out at the DeTommaso Law Group, LLC. It gives us more than enough time to reflect on love, loss, separation, and anxiety. Ultimately, we much prefer to focus on our clients’ inevitable recovery, progress, and growth. Even so, one common thread throughout many of our clients’ lives is the deep sense of loss that can come with sharing custody of your children, even if only temporarily for visitation with a former spouse.

A recent article by Carla Poertner addresses the emotional toll of sharing custody and describes how she’s dealt with it in her own life. Rather than write on another topic in the law (an area which you are strongly advised to let an attorney with the DeTommaso Law Group, LLC handle), today we’d like to share Ms. Poertner’s article with you and extend our heartfelt apologies to anyone that has had to address this pain:

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