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Blogs from November, 2020

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When it comes to resolving a dispute in your divorce case, there are many options available. Understandably, couples are often confused about which process best applies to their situation. Our Somerset County divorce attorneys explain the differences between mediation, arbitration, and litigation to help you better understand what dispute resolution method is best for your divorce.

Family Law Mediation

Divorce mediation tends to avoid the conflict, time, and expense of litigation.

A mediator acts as a guide and assistant throughout the negotiation process and finds ways to ensure that both spouses have all of the information needed to settle the case. A mediator is trained in helping the parties reach a resolution that is best for them and their children.

Mediation is used when parties believe they can work together in reaching an amicable resolution in their divorce. All outstanding issues in a case can be addressed in mediation and resolved without Court intervention.

Family Law Litigation

When parties are simply worlds apart, they may need to litigate their differences in Court. If your case needs to be taken to Court, make sure you have someone fighting for your rights.

While divorce litigation is considered an expensive form of dispute resolution, there are times when it is the only option. This is especially the case when action needs to be taken quickly. It is essential to hire an attorney who feels comfortable in this type of forum and ready to stand up for you in front of the Judge.

Family Law Arbitration

Divorce arbitration means hiring a private judge instead of resolving the case in a public courtroom. The arbitrator will make decisions regarding the case, and their choices are often binding like a Judge in Court.

Because an arbitrator acts as the Judge in a case, it is vital to know the background, education, and tendencies of the arbitrator you choose. Further, it is crucial to have your attorney thoroughly read the arbitration agreement before signing it. This agreement explicitly explains the authority of the arbitrator and what happens if you disagree with their decision.

How an Experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney Can Help

Deciding to get a divorce can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and like you have no options. However, with the help of an attorney specializing in family law, you don’t have to go through the decision-making process alone.

Speak with an experienced divorce lawyer in New Jersey now to understand what rights and options you have. The reputable family law attorneys at DeTommaso Law Group, LLC are ready to represent you and your family.

Contact our firm at (908) 274-3028 for skilled family law counsel.

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