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Blogs from July, 2021

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When embarking on the process of divorce, it’s not uncommon to want it to go by as quickly as possible, but laws in New Jersey implement time constraints to prevent the process from occurring too fast.

Is Your Divorce Uncontested or Contested?

Divorce is not just an emotional process, it’s a legal one as well. Depending on whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, can play a huge factor in determining how long you can expect your divorce to take.

In a divorce, spouses will have to come to an agreement on complex issues like:

How Long Does a Divorce Take in New Jersey?

Mediation is required in the NJ divorce process, so while NJ courts mandate that no divorce should take longer than 12 months, depending on how willing you and your spouse are to negotiate to reach a settlement, divorce can take anywhere from two months to over a year.

A contested divorce typically takes longer, while couples who go through a collaborative divorce are likely to finish the process faster.

In a contested divorce, it is harder for couples to agree on the terms of their divorce, thus making the time it takes to get through the entire process longer. If you are concerned that your divorce will be more complicated, consider looking into working with a skilled lawyer to assist you in moving the process along while protecting your best interests.

What Requirements Are There if the Divorce Involves Custody?

In addition to meditation, couples with children may have to complete a parent education class on the effects of divorce on children. This might be waived if the couple has settled all custody issues before their scheduled parenting class though.

We Are Here For You

At DeTommaso Law Group, LLC, we understand the frustrating nature of dealing with divorce and wanting to get it over with as soon as possible in order to move on with your life. However, our attorneys are here to aid in the process by providing you with the resources and guidance needed to get through the process as swiftly and efficiently as can be.

Call our dedicated legal team today at (908) 274-3028 if you have questions about your divorce.

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